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Interactive Site Provides Accessibility and Information for Activists and Citizens 5G Free.Org is the Largest grassroots activist group in the world focused on 5G small cell facilities and radiation emitting devices. Dedicated to the education of citizens and potential activists alike, the site is designed to afford virtually everyone the opportunity to learn about small […]


‘Contact Tracing’ Using Your Phone: Unconstitutional

https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/op-ed/article243092941.html In Florida, plans to track COVID-19 through our cell phones are unconstitutional | Opinion BY KRISANNE HALL MAY 29, 2020 04:54 PM A coronavirus contact-tracing app was tested on the Isle of Wight in May. GETTY IMAGES Floridians will be forced to pay enormous court fees and settlements if our counties continue with proposed plans […]

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Speaker’s Bureau

We have speakers available to assist with events, meetings for forums of all types and kinds. Contact us for details and let us know what you need and when — we’re here to help!  Our phones are answered 24/7: Call 877.706.1773 for information and referral to assist with your event or participation in meetings designed […]

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Speaker’s Directory

We can assist you with tailoring your event to reach those you need to reach in your respective area. With the dedication of the Trump 5G rollout to speed the implementation of 5G accessibility, there is no time to waste. We believe there needs to be a moratorium on 5G until studies can be completed […]

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Geekwire Lays Out the 5G Battleground

As cities battle feds over 5G rollout, tech leaders worry Seattle will lag behind in new wireless race While the ‘cover stories’ attempt to focus only on the financial benefits and how the profits are to be divided, the citizens face the health issues In their own communities. Battling back is beginning to look like […]

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Federal and State Bills

A.    FEDERAL AND STATE BILLS ·       H.R.530 January 2019 Accelerating Broadband Development by Empowering Local Communities Act of 2019 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/530/text ·       S.B.  2012 June 2019 Cosponsored by Senator Dick Durbin https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/2012/text ·       Portland, Oregon 24th March 2019:  Portland City officials state clear opposition to the installation of 5G networks on health grounds, supported by the mayor and two commissioners. http://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.com/2019/03/oregon-portland-officials-attempt-to.html ·       Louisiana:  June 2019 Louisiana Becomes First […]


5G Summit: Josh del Sol

When you register to attend this event, you will gain access to information via interviews with a variety of professionals dedicated to exposing the truth about 5g and the inherent dangers that accompany the roll-out currently underway worldwide. Click HERE to visit the site and register for this opportunity. Time is of the essence. 0

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“We Have No Reason to Believe 5G is Safe”

— ScientificAmerican.Com The telecommunications industry and their experts have accused many scientists who have researched the effects of cell phone radiation of “fear mongering” over the advent of wireless technology’s 5G. Since much of our research is publicly-funded, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature […]

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5G Report from the MindBody Medicine Center

5G & EMF RADIATION ARE DAMAGING TO YOUR HEALTH Summary of the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS CONFERENCE 2019: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Exposure, held on September 6-8, 2019 in Santa Cruz, CA By Ronald Peters, MD, MPH DR.PETERS’ URGENT MESSAGE We all love our cellphones and computers, but they can produce irreversible […]

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States Studying 5G Issue

Here is a list of states who have passed or introduced legislation to study the health/environmental/insurance issues related to 5G: 1) Louisiana is the first state to call for their own independent study of the technology.  House Resolution No. 145 passed 103 in favor zero against. The language of HR 145 outlines the reasons that Louisiana state representatives felt […]

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Regular Conference Calls

Looking for ways to become knowledgeable fast? Our National Conference calls on every other Monday  at 2pm PST. They’re designed to answer your questions, address your concerns and allow your participation! We welcome new participants and encourage you to contact us via email or phone so we can provide the call-in details to you so […]

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North Berkeley Battles Verizon

Three years ago, a group of North Berkeley residents celebrated when plans for a Verizon cell site in their neighborhood were dropped. They’d fought the application for an eight-antenna “wireless communication facility” on top of an apartment building, at 1615 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, from the time it first was proposed in 2014. Verizon abandoned the […]

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Santa Barbara City Council Rejects 5G Technology for Now

The Santa Barbara City Council is pushing back on an effort by Verizon to install 5G wireless technology.  The council voted 4-3 to take more time to study the potential health impacts of the technology. City Attorney Ariel Calonne will provide a memo to the council within 90 days. Councilmembers Michael Jordan, Eric Friedman and Cathy Murillo […]

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Sandy Springs, GA Resident Works for ‘Class Action’ Lawsuit Over Health, Property Values

Posted by Bob Pepalis | May 26, 2020 A Derby Hills resident who got the city of Sandy Springs to stop installation of a 5G wireless pole on his property due to the COVID-19 pandemic has filed suit against Verizon Wireless to prevent it from ever happening. William Kaspers filed what he wants declared a class-action suit eligible for the […]


5G Free California.Org

Find Us in Forums! Click here! 5G Free California started in 2018 as a group of 4 women, and as of May 2020 we have over 1,000 participants. We work statewide, nationally, and globally, through our collaboration with 5GFree.org, 5G Crisis, and Stop 5G International.   Our focus is on education, motivation, outreach, community organizing, broad collaboration, and solutions […]

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5G and Mind Control

1985 — CNN SPECIAL REPORT Imagine the implications: a weapon that could be utilized without leaving a trace; a weapon that could debilitate soldiers in a war zone, making them disoriented and tranquilized. A weapon that could knock out tanks, ships and planes as fast as a beam of light. Radio frequency weapons , they […]

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5GFree Newsletter 5-18-2020

Protect yourselves and your city against the 5 G Roll-out! We have been quiet but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t accomplished alot to secure the health of cities across California during this pandemic. The City of Simi Valley secured a freeze on all wireless applications during the State of Emergency. Send this letter to your city […]

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5GFree.Org is a grassroots activist organization that helps ordinary citizens become engaged in local issues. It’s primary aim is to inform, educate, and motivate our members to become active in their local community, recognizing that they can affect CHANGE in those areas that affect their lives directly — and empowering others to do the same. […]

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Conclusion: Clear Evidence of Cancer

The peer review panel voted that the malignant schwannoma tumors found in the heart of male rats be scientifically categorized as “clear evidence of carcinogenicity” and that the malignant gliomas found in the brain of male rats be categorized as “some evidence of carcinogenicity.” In addition, they voted that the increased tumors of the adrenal […]

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Orientation is designed to educate you as quickly as possible about those things that concern you about 5G. The 5g summit is going to provide a week’s worth of wonderful content for those interested in the issues that surround 5G and are providing an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the most knowledgeable people […]

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There are things you can do to stop/prevent/arrest/postpone the rollout of 5G in your own neighborhoods in favor of finding safe alternatives. Don’t give up on working to inform those that are in a position to change the existing technology for technology that doesn’t radiate the masses. This operation began as California Issues Reform. It […]

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This is the starting point for those interested in learning and, potentially, participating in educating others about 5G. As most of us know, when one attempts to use Google to find groups or even information pertaining to 5G, information is difficult if not impossible to find in a timely manner. Conference Calls: Jun 25, 2020 […]


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We’re available to assist you with your concerns about 5G and will assist you in fighting back against the widespread use of this technology. Contact us via the below form, phone or email and let us know how we can help! Content Submissions or questions: Admin@5gfree.org or just call: 877.223.1968 0

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Act Now!

Time is of the essence in obtaining a moratorium on the rollout of 5G. There are SAFE options — they will only be implemented if the people demand it.


How to Join

Our intent is to make it simple for people to gain the information they need in time to make a difference. The stepped up ‘roll out’ of 5G is only complicating matters that require careful analysis — and there needs to be a moratorium on 5G until its safety, or lack thereof, can be properly […]

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Finding Your Home Base

Finding those people in your area that are interested in accomplishing the same thing you hope to accomplish can be a wonderful thing. When it counts, larger groups of people are much harder to ignore — and, typically, time is of the essence — especially when you’re battling against 5G towers and networks in your […]


Act Now

We are constantly working to make participation EASIER for our members as well as the people already involved in this movement. Look for our ACTION ITEMS posted throughout the site!

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Anti-5G Organizations

The World is Battling Against 5G The world is fighting 5G— even as the efforts to blanket the earth are unfolding.   International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space ARGENTINA ORGANIZATIONSAsociación Vecinal Dr. Enrique Finochietto, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marcela julia Tarraf, Leader and CoordinatorForo Ambiental Santiagueño, Santiago del Estero, Roberto Rabello, Coordinator, Observatorio […]

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What is the ‘inside scoop’ on 5G?

The information these groups bring to the table is invaluable to the movement against the 5G rollout. The knowledge base already exists — there’s no need to waste time reinventing the wheel — the teams are already in place and the world is awakening to the dangers of 5G. 0

Act Now Education School Roll Outs

Event/Event Planning

When it comes to helping your community understand the dangers of 5G, there’s no better way to spread the word than to hold community events to discuss the topics. From open forums and workshops to conferences with recognized names, events can be the ticket to success. 0


No, 5G doesn’t cause COVID — and no, we didn’t say that

Something has happened to journalism. There was a a time when ethical journalists [reporters] worked to gather, clarify and disseminate the news. They would spend hours crafting a story and interviewing the key players for the purpose of accuracy. They sought the truth — and they reported it competently. Somewhere along the line, it became […]

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Who’s Who and Where?

Note: It’s imperative that we have speakers in the field who can attend events and speak to interested parties about the rollout of 5G across this nation. There are excellent opportunities to speak to city councils, citizen’s forums, churches, political groups and many, many more — provided we have the speakers willing to stand up and […]

International Worldwide Pushback

The Worldwide Pushback Against 5G

Not many countries in the world will be untouched by 5G. The plan, in fact, is to blanket the world in its shadow — the reason the satellites will soon be beaming 5G from space to earth. But not everyone is happy with this decision and the roll out, sped up to accommodate the needs […]


Global Research Awareness & Accountability Summit

The ‘war’ over 5G is hardly over: in fact, it’s just beginning. Speeding the rollout would indicate to many that those ‘in control’ of the proposed implementation of 5G are concerned for what would happen if the general public were to become aware of the potential dangers of 5G and prevent it ‘across the board’, […]

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