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5G FREE Website: Press Release

Interactive Site Provides Accessibility and Information for Activists and Citizens

5G Free.Org is the Largest grassroots activist group in the world focused on 5G small cell facilities and radiation emitting devices.

Dedicated to the education of citizens and potential activists alike, the site is designed to afford virtually everyone the opportunity to learn about small cells and the potential danger these facilities represent to the public.

The site is the first platform of its kind where activists can engaged in social media totally uncensored. Hence 5gfree.org provides proven legal strategies to bring about a pause and delay small cell facility roll outs in a totally protected networking forum. You will even learn how to pause the cells from functioning at all — provided that all proper criteria prior to rollout were not met.

Knowing the dangers can assist people in recognizing the signs and symptoms of radiation overload including that from WIFI and utility meters — giving them the opportunity to take steps to decrease their exposure and recover from the debilitating effects.

The site also provides proven legal strategies to bring about a pause and delay small cell facility roll outs and even to pause the cells from functioning At all — provided that all proper criteria prior to rollout were not met.

The group is 100% volunteer based and encourages people from all walks of life to join them in actively engaging public discourse and education, providing speakers, handouts, telephone conferencing and educational seminars ranging from workshops to conferences.

Currently operating in 25 states, each state group has its own coordinating leadership with city groups, using their own leaders, providing local information to citizens.

Lawsuits are a part of the strategies employed to end the overly burdensome small cell rollout happening nationwide — so learning about the potential for serious health issues involves some level of accountability on the part of the insurers of municipalities, as well as a source of potential funding for damages. This is a factor that many local politicians and municipalities — including their insurers — are often not aware.

The group offers a variety of real solutions for those seeking information and assistance in dealing with what has become a major issue in cities both large and small throughout the nation. Their concerns are shared by a growing number of professionals who cite frightening statistics involving health concerns where 5G is rapidly being implemented.

Members include doctors, scientists, biologists, electrical engineers, technical engineers, layers, paralegals and parents concerned for their children in a society proliferating with radiation.

“We can offer people an opportunity to obtain cutting edge information,” stated group representative Carmen Rhodes.

”Our members have sent Notices of Demand, Cease and Desists, Notices of Non-Consent, Notices of Liabilities and even Moratoriums. Using 5GFree and the forums and groups available to them, anyone can learn about this issue and engage in doing something about it.”

“We do not consent to being radiated without our knowledge or permission — there are real health issues here that have not even begun to be addressed and people have a right to know this is happening to them — to their children and grandchildren — to their world.”

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Phone: (805) 222 4702


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