State By State

Finding Your Home Base

Finding those people in your area that are interested in accomplishing the same thing you hope to accomplish can be a wonderful thing.

When it counts, larger groups of people are much harder to ignore — and, typically, time is of the essence — especially when you’re battling against 5G towers and networks in your own community.

The common ‘group meet’ tools, unfortunately, too often can’t be trusted. If your cause happens to be deemed ‘too Christian’ or ‘too far removed from the status quo’, your group — just like your Twitter account or your Facebook platform or your Youtube account — can simply be removed at will by those who seem to feel ’empowered’ by doing so.

Before you pour hours and days into building something that can be removed with the push of a button, consider using our databases for building your organization and consulting with our professionals for ways to share, communicate and platform without being forced to utilize those that have a penchant for censorship.


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