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Time is of the essence in obtaining a moratorium on the rollout of 5G.

There is enough time, however, for you to come up to speed on what 5G is — how it works, where it’s located, why it is seen as dangerous by so many people and how you can be instrumental in the battle against it.

There is no crisis demanding the widespread installation of 5G! It will not impact the speed of your cellphone or your computer — the reasons provided for its rapid implementation are simply designed to quell public discourse and quiet the concerns of those that recognize the dangers of these incredibly powerful frequencies.

Click the membership button to join us and, if we’re helping you, please don’t hesitate to donate to the organization, a tax exempt and federally recognized non-profit here to assist you in educating yourself about 5G while there’s still time to impact the roll out.

Donations go towards educating the public — no administrative fees, ever.

If you need us to assist you in advertising in your area, please advise via email or telephone. We strive to help others manage this existential threat to our communities.

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