No, 5G doesn’t cause COVID — and no, we didn’t say that

Something has happened to journalism.

There was a a time when ethical journalists [reporters] worked to gather, clarify and disseminate the news.

They would spend hours crafting a story and interviewing the key players for the purpose of accuracy. They sought the truth — and they reported it competently.

Somewhere along the line, it became ‘normal’ to twist, tweak and spin stories until virtually none of the truth remains or until, it would appear, it is buried so deeply it is no longer recognizable nor retrievable.

It’s designed to confuse the reader — making that individual turn away from the supposed ‘source’ in favor of allowing ‘media’ to decipher truth from fallacy and then distribute it to the masses.

It’s become so commonplace that statistics show that Americans can no longer differentiate news from ‘opinion’ or ‘editorial’. This should concern everyone — this does, in effect, turn entire societies from ‘critical thinkers’ into virtual ‘lemmings’ — individuals (citizens) no longer capable of thinking for themselves. 

As one can imagine, this is anything but ‘accidental’. 

Of course, we believe People need to sound the alarm on these issues — but we want to offer you the tools to do your own research. This site will provide the information you need to make decisions for yourself and to educate yourself on these matters before speaking out.

Time is of the essence.


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