Critical Issues

5G and Mind Control

1985 — CNN SPECIAL REPORT Imagine the implications: a weapon that could be utilized without leaving a trace; a weapon that could debilitate soldiers in a war zone, making them disoriented and tranquilized.

A weapon that could knock out tanks, ships and planes as fast as a beam of light. Radio frequency weapons , they reported in 1985, could be the wild card in a battle for power.

Directed energy weaponry were being utilized even then — high energy weapons that could render any arms agreement useless. RF weapons you could have tremendous amounts of power especially high intensity radar beam. It would cook humans and knock out computers and electronic surveillance and communications gear. Could devastate war machinery. A high intensity pulse of radiation could knock it out of the sky.

DOD finally admitted that the subject was too sensitive to discuss.

Focused, ultra high intensity radar beam. Relatively cheap and reusable. It could devastate war machinery. It doesn’t have manual flight controls.

Gyratrons can produce what’s needed to drive these machines. Unexplained cloud like phenomena could indicate breakthroughs in this technology.

How about thoughts projected into the mind? Prototype device able to project thoughts into the brain. Electronic mind control isn’t new: in the 1960’s they demonstrated remote control over a charging bull. They electronically controlled his muscle reflexes. Now we don’t have to use electrodes. They can control monkeys without wires or implants. An RF device has been used for 30 years with patients in a mental institution.

Humans are susceptible to EM signals. You could have a cause and effect relationship between a magnetic field and a human. Induce hallucinations. Direct them to do things against their better judgment — could put together a weapon that would take care of a whole town in three weeks. And that was then.

The machine causes a disturbance in the visual system. Fighter pilot or helicopter pilot: the effect would be catastrophic upon military personnel.

The Woodpecker was, investigators believe, intended to lull humans to sleep.

A wide variety of symptoms could be caused using 5G. The DOD has refused for decades to discuss the possibilities

Yes, it’s controversial: This video from the CNN News of 1985 contains information NOT readily available even today. Obtain the facts available and then decide for yourself.

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