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What is the ‘inside scoop’ on 5G?

This video touts the ‘debunking’ of the ‘myths’ surrounding 5G. Don’t be fooled. Watch it for details concerning 5G launch and don’t be afraid to read between the lines as the reporter promotes the ‘merits’ of 5G while working to convince you that it’s not already here.

Of course, the issue is has not been ‘debunked’ and the dangers are as real as the towers springing up — literally — everywhere. Yet, you will hear the spokesperson in this video tell viewers that a viable, all encompassing 5G rollout is still ‘decades away’.

From: Stop 5G International Protest Day

The information these groups bring to the table is invaluable to the movement against the 5G rollout.

The knowledge base already exists — there’s no need to waste time reinventing the wheel — the teams are already in place and the world is awakening to the dangers of 5G.


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