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There are things you can do to stop/prevent/arrest/postpone the rollout of 5G in your own neighborhoods in favor of finding safe alternatives. Don’t give up on working to inform those that are in a position to change the existing technology for technology that doesn’t radiate the masses.

This operation began as California Issues Reform. It quickly spread to other states and we saw that this issue needed a forum: a place for people from all over the United States to come together to meet, to organize and to work towards a solution.

You can reach us anytime! If you need help with the issue — or the site — don’t hesitate to reach out! We do look forward to hearing from you!

United Issues Reform is the Parent Organization for which began in California

Click HERE to go to United Issues Reform.Org Contact form so you can readily sign up for those items that interest you OR call 877-223-1968 or 805.222.4702 for additional information or to sign up over the phone.

Welcome. You are sure to find friends here.


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