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States Studying 5G Issue

The Capital Building in Hawaii: Just one of the States Investigating 5G

Here is a list of states who have passed or introduced legislation to study the health/environmental/insurance issues related to 5G:

1) Louisiana is the first state to call for their own independent study of the technology.  House Resolution No. 145 passed 103 in favor zero against.

The language of HR 145 outlines the reasons that Louisiana state representatives felt the need to pass such a resolution. For example, the bill states that 5G “may pose risks to the environment due to increased radio-frequency radiation exposure,” and “peer-reviewed studies on this topic show the potential for wide-range effects,” therefore “a study is necessary to examine the advantages and risks associated with 5G technology.” The resolution also notes that “the insurance industry may have placed exclusions in policies to exempt damage caused by this technology,” a reference to reports that various insurance companies have excluded coverage related to damages acquired via electromagnetic frequency radiation.

2) New Hampshire House Bill No. 522- Enrolled


3) State of Hawaii House of Representative H.C.R. No. 197 – House Concurrent Resolution 

HCR197 HD1

4) State of Hawaii House Resolution H.R. 178

HR178 HD1

5) State of Massachusetts Bill H2885 to establish a Commission to study health and environmental effects of 5G



6) New Jersey No. 5260

7) New York A01503 – S01607

8) Vermont

Insurance industry labels 5G a pollutant and issues exclusions, additional costs and concerns:


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