Act Now NEWS Successes

Successes: How people are taking this issue on — and winning!

Berkley, Ca – Right to Know on RF Safety information hidden in the phones must be displayed at the point of sale at retail stores in Berkeley, CA that sell mobile phones. Industry fought this all the way to the US Supreme Court but Berkeley prevailed!
Carlsbad, CA – Cease and Desist
Charleston, SC – FOIA requests and Superintendent success
Encinitas, CA – 5G ban from residential areas and school, parks and fire hazard areas, along with 26 other ordinance amendments
Elk Grove, CA – We succeeded in keeping cell antennas away from our Elk Grove homes. 
Fairfax, CA – insurance requirements and ADA coverage
Los Altos – Rejects 13 applications with a strong city ordinance.
Marin County, CA Residential and mixed-use sites and areas within 1,500 feet of schools and daycare centers are least-preferred locations and 1000 ft in between antenna.
Mill Valley, CA city indemnification with PROW 1500ft apart
Mission Viejo, CA applicant was planning on moving small cell installation to another location
Moorpark, CA – had a tower application moved from an elementary school
Newport Beach, CA – 3rd party re-insurance requirement in the application
Nevada City, CA – Mayor is an advocate for RF safety
Oak Park, CA – 1000 ft set back from schools
Ojai, Malibu, and Beverly Hills, CA – Ordinance states that they will look to the health of their residents
Orcutt, CA, forced Verizon to withdraw its appeal for an 80-foot cell tower.
San Anselmo, California, People living within 300 feet of proposed antenna will be notified and Town is entitled to employ independent consultant at applicant’s expense to evaluate exceptions
Santa Barbara, CA – 90 day pause on a 20 year Verizon Wireless licensing agreement
San Clemente, CA – 500 ft setback from residential and schools. 
Simi Valley, CA – Cease and Desist, Writ of Mandamus – suing the city council members for a breach of oath of office
South Lake Tahoe, CA – Cease and Desist
Sonoma, CA – ADA through DOJ
Thousand Oaks, CA – 12 ADA requests, A Cease and Desist, Suing the city/Telecom, logged two applications without Nepa reviews with the FCC.
Topanga, CA – had a member run for congress in her EMHS protection suit and came in as the 2nd Democrat with 15,180 votes!!  
Town of Ross, California, CA prohibit facilities in residential and downtown zoning district. Public right-of-way facilities subject to separate design criteria.
San Rafael, CA – 500-foot setback from residential districts
Ventura, CA – City Planning Commissioner does a rigorous applications checklist with a liver interactive map
Walnut Creek, CA – 1500 ft setback from residential areas
Westlake Village, CA – Amended ordinance to include a insurance on the WTFs and Pumpkin clause i.e. when the 9th District Circuit rules in favor of the League of Cities all WTFs have to stop functioning
Western Springs, IL – Incomplete Applications Rejected


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