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5G and Its Privacy, Health and Safety Implications

Many have read articles about how 5G is going to kill us all. I work for a major tech company, and I’m somewhat of an authority on this subject. I encourage you to read through this lengthy article as you won’t read a more informative vision into our privacy invading future, I can promise you that. I’ve also done extensive additional research on the subject. I want to give you my view on 5G and how it will affect our privacy. I’ll go ahead and spill the beans and then go into why. But the answer is that it will OBLITERATE IT!

While to some this may not come as a surprise to you on how obliteration of privacy will occur, to better explain this we first need to step back into 4G and earlier. The “G” in all of the versions of it stands for generation of networked devices, and the number determines their capabilities. So now we got that out of the way. Within a generations time table, new technology is invented and then used on that generations network and is then classified as a part of that generations technology. 1G-4G use a broadcasting type of technology. Signals go everywhere in high amounts of EMF. It pollutes the air ways significantly. 5G will include far less pollution because it will be directional using phased array antennae with beam forming. The best way to imagine this is to combine GPS like triangulation technology with a laser gun. We all know sort of how GPS works on a Cellular Phone. You enable the GPS chip on the phone, it starts pinging in every direction at once for GPS positioning towers (WAAS or Wide area augmentation system). When one of these towers hits, it broadcasts back out in every direction until it hits your phone again. Once it reaches your phone again, it notes down the milliseconds of time it took to bounce, It knows you are in the area of the tower, but no clue which direction, if you hit a 2nd tower, it does the same thing, but these towers talk to each other and relay that they also saw you, math is involved and it can subtract the amount of time from both towers it took to get from them to you to gather a more likely spot to where you are at to around 200-60 ft accuracy roughly. When you hit that 3rd tower, there’s now enough variables that it can determine where you are located within 6ft (Triangulate). Pretty neat eh? See Graphic Below for a visualization.

Now, Let’s move into 5G after taking that knowledge of GPS systems. Now instead of WAAS towers, imagine every device in your home is a WAAS tower. The more devices you have, the more accurate the beam forming will be. This can also mean the safer you’ll be from EMF because the person who has a lot of these devices around him will miss the body and hit your phone directly. The guy who avoids having too many of these devices will be hit with the same frequency but more likely to hit other parts of his body before it hits his phone. Beam has to widen to hit, therefore, you will be hit more by it. So when 5G first comes out, it will be more of a cancer risk but as time goes on, it will be far less dangerous. Not to mention you’ll also be inundated in 4G while it’s being phased out for compatibility reasons and the slow adoption process. The quicker they drop 4G the cleaner the air waves become. Something tells me this won’t happen though since 2G towers still exist today. Ultimately, if we’re going to 5G, we need to do it fast. 

Now that was just the health side of things, what about the privacy side of things? Well, it’s best to start off with a 4G example of security and privacy. Right now your home probably has a cable modem, DSL, or Fiber connection, and are using IP Passthrough to a home router you bought yourself. Some are very ignorantly using the ISP’s supplied router. I HIGHLY Recommend you not do this for security reasons. You might as well hand them the key to the gate of your property. If the router acts as the gateway into the home, then the computer is the house in this reference. They can start plugging away at your computer. In fact your computers already wide open. Has been since the Pentium 4 days. See article below on how CPU’s can be back door’ed as they run their own operating systems on the CPU called Minix which runs a back door and a web server with access to all of your files on your hard-drive. See article below:

Your computer can even be off, as long as a power cord is plugged into it, it can be accessed, so if you aren’t controlling the gate to your property, or router in this case, they can walk right into property and take your data without you even knowing. Now the only defense to this was to block access at the network level at your router. If you controlled the router, you controlled the gateway. The few of us who even knew the government was capable of such a thing began to realize they probably have back doors into all of our routers to guarantee them access, and indeed they do. This was discovered by the actions taken by the FCC when users began to install their own “Open Firmware” on their routers. This overrides any back doors installed on the official firmware. Soon after this practice began to take off, out of nowhere the FCC kicked in new regulations preventing the flashing of firmware’s on personal routers. Hrm… Really? Why would they do that? Because they wanted to keep their backdoor access. This will never be admitted to by the government, but this is the reason. Government has been spying on us since the 90’s electronically. Don’t believe me? Go buy an old broken cable box from that era off of eBay for $5, open it up, and look for the microphone module on the corner of the main board. Funny, there was no voice controlled cable boxes back then…. Most people didn’t even know the cable signal was bi-directional in those days so they wouldn’t question or think it was possible. If someone knew and told them about it, they’d call him a conspiracy nut. We know better today. So the fact that this hole was patched by FCC regulation 14-30A1. Or so the government thought. People began to make routers out of more older PC’s which work far better than any modern router, and do not have the back doors running an Operating System called PFSense, a BSD based operating system. Even today you can take a 10 year old PC and it’s faster than the latest and greatest Nighthawk routers with far more features. Since it’s not a router it doesn’t fall under FCC regulation. Privacy advocates won a battle for now. Enter 5G.

5G will end all privacy. How? Because while you may be sitting at home thinking you’re secure running PFSense as your gatekeeper, well the only gate into your house just multiplied like rabbits and there’s literally nothing the average and even most intelligent of us can do to stop it. Here’s why. Those CPU’s are still capable of being back door’ed into, and modern CPU’s are going to be 5G Capable. They will have wireless chips on the CPU’s themselves. But how will the information leave the house you may ask? By many means. Right now you already have a method for the information to leave. Do you have a Smart Meter on your house? This is just the beginning. The Smart meter works by relaying data from smart meter to smart meter until it reaches a centralized server storing the data. It works like a mesh. Today it only broadcasts an hour a day at an extremely high frequency. Why so much data for just a small text files worth of usage information that should only take a blip to send, even if multiple times a day, shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds in a day to accomplish. The meter is relaying other homes data as well through yours, so that accounts for some of the data and time broadcasting, but there’s still 23 hours in the day it can broadcast and eventually will make use of it. Yes, I’m saying that your smart meter will talk to your devices in your house over 5th Generation mesh networks, bypassing your gateway, leaking information from your home computers, and cell phones. And it won’t stop there, as I said earlier 5G is a mesh network type of infrastructure, if say a 5G TV sees a neighbors phone, it can relay data across to it and out of your home via the smart meter or the neighbors meter, over to other devices and continue until it reaches it’s destination. Never even seeing your router, you have no clue your data is even being taken, no way to network trace it. That’s right, the government is installing unsanctioned networks into your homes. Want to try to remove your smart meter from your home now? You cannot. Laws prevent installing traditional meters back on. They knew you would figure this out eventually and already set up those laws to protect their back doors. A 4th Generation home and older with no 5G devices have nothing to fear, but as long as they don’t buy anything new like a dishwasher or microwave or smart fridge or any new technology, they just stick with the old stuff. Better have double of what’s important to you in case one blows up. Everything is going to have these 5G chips in them, even if they don’t have a wireless function because the function will be the relaying of other information if it has none for itself to gather. They will know everything and they will see everything through your power meter, refrigerators, computer mice, computers, etc. If one can talk to another even unrelated device, it will, and even the most knowledgeable tech person even such as myself will not be able to prevent data leakage. There is paint you can buy that blocks EMF signals but it only is effective up to 18Ghz frequencies which will block 4th Generation devices, but 5th Generation goes from 300 Mhz up to 300 Ghz. And your house will most likely be bathed from outside towers at around 86Ghz. They don’t make a paint that can block that frequency yet. 6th Generation networks already being talked about go from 300 Mhz up to 1 Terra Hertz! (1000Ghz) I have thought of a way to block it, but it’s very costly, requires building a home underground and then implementing a 5G antennae above ground connected to your gateway. But you probably need an insane amount of cement walls and ceilings about 5 inches thick which gets very costly. And if you build above ground, it can still penetrate your home. 

Another way the smart meter can violate privacy, is it has Point Dot Technology. You won’t find any information on this subject if you look but it works similarly to radar, it can take a high resolution 3D image of the environment around it and upload the data, so it’s like having a high resolution camera in every room of the house. They’ve had this capability before smart meters with the wifi routers, but the resolution was terrible, and couldn’t identify who’s who most of the time. Not with the Smart meter and future 5G towers, they can see what you’re saying just by watching your lips move. You won’t even need a physical phone to make a phone call. (That’s cool right! Not if you value your privacy.)

So you see. Your efforts to stop this privacy violation will be in vein if you just try to do it the technical way. We need to use our constitution and demand from our government that this be obeyed and not violated on our own properties. This is how you fight it. Use the constitution. The 4th Amendment goes as follows:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Today our papers translates to data, and our data should be secure within our homes, but our government chooses to violate this through 3 letter agencies. If this isn’t clear enough, then we should adopt the Internet Bill of Rights which basically just ties our 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights to the modern age. See the Internet Bill of Rights at the following site:

I wish you well, and if I ever get that Anti-5G property up and running and working, I’ll write you another article on how to accomplish it. Good Luck out there and demand your right to privacy back at every chance you can!


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