How to Join

Our intent is to make it simple for people to gain the information they need in time to make a difference. The stepped up ‘roll out’ of 5G is only complicating matters that require careful analysis — and there needs to be a moratorium on 5G until its safety, or lack thereof, can be properly ascertained.

Joining is simple enough: you can call or text us us at (877) 223-1968, you can e-mail us at ADMIN@5GFREE.ORG. We will arrange invitations to everything to which you’d like to subscribe — let us know how you want to participate and we’ll help!

If you’re a ‘born leader’ and many among our ranks are — please check out our volunteer pages and see what skill sets you have line up with those we need to turn the tide on this issue and provide SAFE technology across the board.

If you’re watching as 5G is Installed or implemented in your area, use our consultation services! You can get step by step assistance with getting the situation under the control of those it impacts: the citizens!

We will help — and it won’t take weeks to get us on board. We want to assist you when you need us most!


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