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The Worldwide Pushback Against 5G

Not many countries in the world will be untouched by 5G. The plan, in fact, is to blanket the world in its shadow — the reason the satellites will soon be beaming 5G from space to earth.

But not everyone is happy with this decision and the roll out, sped up to accommodate the needs of unseen entities, is receiving a less than enthusiastic reception.


It’s widely known that there may be health risks associated with 5G that have not been properly reviewed, much less vetted by those in a position to do so.

Worldwide, people don’t want the opinions of a Bill Gates — who, in spite of his apparent desire to appear so — actually has no medical training whatsoever.

The Myriad of sites condemning Gates’ actions and criticizing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for taking great liberties with the health and safety of the world at large point to a horrific track record utilizing vaccines in third world countries as proof that Gates should refrain from placing him in positions of overseeing medical issues.

Here, Italians call for the arrest of Bill Gates for what can only be described as ‘Crimes against humanity’.

This entire piece is subtitled and Very informative.

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