Act Now

There is little time for citizens to step up and demand accountability prior to continuing the 5G Rollout. Everyone, though, can do something to assist in educating those around them — from city councils to neighbors and friends, from circulating flyers to funding billboards.

There is no need to ‘reinvent’ the wheel when there are organizations throughout the nation that want and need your participation, your expertise and your assistance in educating both the public and our representatives before the rollout ‘goes live’.

Participation in the 5G Summit will assist you in funding the information you need to fight back against 5G rollout in your neighbors hood. Signing up for our forums will assist you in finding similarly concerned individuals in your own cities and towns so you can work together for a 5G Free future — educating people before they suffer the devastating health issues 5G is known to cause.

Doctors and scientists across the globe are demanding a moratorium on 5G until the health implications can be studied further. Don’t be left in the dark about something so insidious that it threatens the very fabric of our society without intervention.

Do contact us for further information at (877) 706-1773 if you need assistance in researching 5G or finding out what to do about the rollout happening near you — we’re glad to assist!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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