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Has 5G Research Met Basic Safety Criteria?

This video contains footage of spontaneous fires involving 5G towers.
The cartoons contained in it are not ours. A cleaner copy would be appreciated.


If a citizen in any state within the U.S. were to decide that they wanted to go into any business that had any capacity whatsoever for any level of environmental impact — that individual would have to provide the details for governmental review and then request and, of course, finance the necessary studies to prove that the impact on the environment fell within those guidelines deemed acceptable under law.


It is, in most cases, a very labor intensive and potentially expensive process.

However, critics contend that when the potential for profit is great enough, those same governmental entities turn a ‘blind eye’ towards erring on the side of caution and plunge headlong into ‘streamlining’ such projects — a move that many believe is nothing short of reckless endangerment.


For years, US citizens have demanded such safeguards as term limits and _____ against ‘insider trading’ and other such ’empire building’ strategies that enable people holding governmental offices to utilize those offices to build wealth for themselves whilst selling their constituents out.

In the case of 5G, few are apparently working.  

5G and those who stand to profit (immensely) from it have enjoyed the full force of protections against interference from the citizenry — while the battle, worldwide, has raged around them.



Many videos [such as this one from CNET] have surfaced from some very interesting sources, attempting to point out that the concerns about 5G are essentially baseless and the critics simply and scientifically ignorant. Do you agree? Let us know what you think.

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