5G Summit: Josh del Sol

This amazing and informational summit is a ‘Do-Not-Miss’ Event!

Your Hosts for the 5G Summit

Josh del Sol 

Your Host, Josh del Sol

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Josh del Sol is a filmmaker and rights advocate known for the 2013 documentary Take Back Your Power, an expose on “smart” utility meters, which won the AwareGuide’s Transformational Film of the Year Award and the Leo Award for Best Feature Documentary. He is also a recipient of the Annual Humanitarian Award from Indie Fest. 

Born and raised near Vancouver, BC, Josh is passionate about human rights, consciousness, decentralized energy production, safe technology and fatherhood. His hobbies include hiking, research and travel. He lives in Washington State with his daughter.

When you register to attend this event, you will gain access to information via interviews with a variety of professionals dedicated to exposing the truth about 5g and the inherent dangers that accompany the roll-out currently underway worldwide.

Click HERE to visit the site and register for this opportunity. Time is of the essence.


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