5G Free California

Join our discussion and collaborate with us on actions and events in California!
5G Free California started in 2018 as a group of 4 women, and as of May 2020 we have over 1,000 participants.  We work statewide, nationally, and globally, through our collaborations with Children’s Health Defense, 5GFree.org, 5G Crisis, Stop 5G International, and a host of other groups throughout the state and country.
Our focus is on education, motivation, outreach, community organizing, and collaboration towards solutions — including legal solutions, legislative solutions, and an understanding that stopping the 5G roll-out and the proliferation of wireless technology will take broad collaboration and leadership — we must all be leaders in this movement and not leave anyone out.
Our meetings are usually on first Thursdays every month, except in January and July, when they are on second Thursdays because of New Year’s and 4th of July.  We bring in featured speakers and panels of experts, and all are welcome to join us.
Our May 2020 meeting was the popular “Ask The Lawyers” webinar.  You can view the video on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/U1YffsVRCbS3/
In solidarity with the Stop 5G Global Day of Action, for our June meeting we helped organize a Press Conference, Forum, and Festival in Boyle Heights, a vibrant East Los Angeles neighborhood where Verizon has begun construction of a 45-foot cell tower in the middle of their community garden, and within 500 feet of 7 schools, including their pre-school. It is a pleasure to work with communities that are so well-organized, and we will continue to stand with them and with all of you. 
Upcoming meetings (currently via Zoom) will include “Lessons from the Champions Who Have Stopped Towers”, “Meters — Everything You Need to Know”, and anything else that is deemed useful to advance our mutual objectives. 
Our primary focus is on legal solutions, and we are currently participating in, supporting, and funding several lawsuits:
>> Children’s Health Defense vs FCC to challenge failure to update EMF microwave radiation exposure “safety guidelines” that do not protect public health.
>> Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative vs FCC to challenge approval of over 50,000 satellites and over 1 million ground antennas to support the satellites.
We welcome your ideas about what is needed so we can be a resource to all, and hope to continue and strengthen our collaboration with all of you. We are available to help you get started in your city and/or to brainstorm with you along the way, and are open to collaborating on additional lawsuits that can stop the 5G roll-out.