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Delineating Methods of Assessing and Mitigating Risk

— Dr. Amy Myers

WiFi, EMF, EMR are all around us and enable us to learn, share, and communicate in ways that were just a dream a short while ago. We all — including me! — use this technology as part of our daily lives. However, it does come with some real health issues. Fortunately, while you need to be aware of the hazards, there are very achievable ways to minimize your exposure.

In my previous article, I detailed what WiFi, EMfs, and EMR actually are, and some simple ways you can minimize their impact on your life. In today’s article I’ll address five of the most concerning health effects, and introduce the steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. These are simple measures nearly everyone can take — I know because I’ve used them myself!

To refresh your memory, WiFi is the technology of wireless communication, which is facilitated by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the result is electromagnetic radiation (EMR). 5G — the fifth generation of WiFi — is of particular concern, as it emits the most intense type of radiation (EMR) of any form of WiFi.  

The extent of radiation damage depends on the proximity to the radiation and its intensity. If you’re in a 5G area, you’re going to be in close proximity to a higher intensity and greater frequency electromagnetic field. That also means greater exposure to EMR, which has been shown, irrefutably, to cause cancer.1 Unfortunately, cancer is only one of the many hazards of exposure to EMFs and EMR and I’ll review the five other most concerning issues. 

Before I dive in, I want to remind you that I am a very proactive person! I know that we all have the ability to take back control of our health, and make real changes. With that in mind, read on!Contentshide1 1. Reproductive Effects2 2. AUTISM/ADHD3 3. DNA CHANGES4 4. Early Onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia5 5. Neuropsychiatric Effects6 What You Can Do6.1 Article Sources

1. Reproductive Effects

One of the biggest hazards of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is lowered fertility rates. Exposure to EMR is ubiquitous in first-world countries. EMR causes a decrease in sperm count and motility2 in men along with a lower number of eggs in females.3 It aIso causes an increase in miscarriage. 

Likewise, increased exposure to EMR has been shown to cause lower levels of each of the three kinds of sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, resulting in lower libido. It also causes changes in the structure of the testes in men and changes in the structure of the ovaries in women.  

An analysis published by Levine et. al. in 2018 showed that sperm counts have dropped below 50 percent of the normal level in every technologically advanced country. In 2016, reproductive rates in nearly all these countries fell to about seventy-three percent of replacement levels. This is a large drop in births within just one generation! 

We are starting to see concrete evidence of this. For example, between 2016 and 2017 in Singapore, a densely populated, high-technology East Asian country, there was a radical reduction in population. In fact, Singapore had a thirty-one percent drop in reproduction in just one year.4


Autism and ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) are among the most common neurological side effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation. There has been a dramatic rise in the prevalence of autism which coincides with the deployment of wireless technologies. This merits further research because exposure to EMF and EMR are known to be “biologically disruptive, and strong, interim precautionary practices are advocated,” according to the NIH (National Institutes of Health).5,6 

One expert, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, is the founder of the Klinghardt Institute and the American Association of Neural Therapy. He has been treating autistic children in his integrative medicine practice for more than 45 years. He states that he has seen first-, second-, and third -generation children with autism in what he calls a “cascade of worsening from generation to generation.” He asserts that WiFi, which emits EMR, “damages the DNA,” causing problems in subsequent generations, at a rate that increases exponentially.

Dr. Martin Pall, one of the many speakers at the 5G Crisis Summit this year, has done extensive research on this very subject. Dr. Pall is a professor of biochemistry in basic medical science with a PhD in biochemical genetics from Caltech. He has published numerous papers on wireless radiation effects. Dr. Pall’s research has focused on the effects of wireless radiation, including neurological and neuropsychiatric effects, DNA, cell death, endocrine effects, cancer, cardiac effects, very early onset Alzheimer’s, and other dementias.

According to Dr. Pall, EMFs cause extensive biological damage to cells, because they greatly increase the influx of calcium ions through what is called “voltage-gated calcium channels” (VGCCs). The VGCCs have a structure called a voltage sensor, which detects the electrical charge across the plasma membrane. 

VGCCs are channels in the plasma membrane that surrounds all of our cells. The problem occurs because when the channels open up, they allow large amounts of calcium to flow into the cell. Many adverse biological effects, including autism and ADHD, are produced by excessive intracellular calcium. 

With EMF exposure, genetic changes can occur in multiple T-type VGCCs, which are particularly susceptible to activation. When there is more activity in those VGCCs, there is more susceptibility to autism. There is at least one animal study that argues for autism being caused by EMFs. For example, when mice were prenatally exposed to EMFs and then the exposure was halted, the mice developed ADHD-like effects that continued all the way through adulthood. 

Further, de novo mutations (a mutation present in one family member for the first time) occur in germline cells, the cells that end up producing sperm or eggs. These cells pass those mutations on to the next generation. Remember I mentioned Dr. Klinghardt’s work and how he was seeing autism worsen from generation to generation?

Twelve to fifteen percent of the autism patients have de novo mutations of a sort that influences the occurrence of autism.This impacts either directly or indirectly the synaptic formation in the developing brain and greatly increases the occurrence of autism in those people that carry those mutations. We’ll talk more about DNA changes below.


Another serious hazard of WiFi, EMF and EMR is DNA changes. Genetic mutations are irreversible, and they are cumulative. It is extraordinarily rare to have reversal of a mutation in humans. According to Dr. Pall, autism genetics data is the best data we have to date, and this data argues that we’re already far along in terms of mutations globally. 

In fact, the autism incidence has gone up 10-fold in the past 20 years.7There is twelve to fifteen percent of the population carrying the autism “de novo” mutations. This is a minority, but it’s still a lot of events of a genetic mutation in society. 

These are also mutations that are occurring in genes that influence the synaptic connections — that is the connections among nerve cells, including the cells in your brain. These mutations are advanced, and the concern with 5G is that both the frequency and amount of pulsation means that the effects on the VGCCs in the brain will be vastly greater.

Let me explain. What happens with a genetic mutation is that the double-strand in cellular DNA breaks. When there are two double-strand breaks in different locations, you end up getting various kinds of chromosomal rearrangements. So, these mutations are going to increase more or less squared so that 4 mutations becomes 16 in the next generation, or maybe even higher.

Dr. Pall points out that the level of male dysfunction that we’re seeing is caused by essentially the same mechanism that is involved in causing autism and ADHD. Both autism and ADHD are much more common in males than in females. The same gene found in a male produces more severe effects than that gene found in the female. This is because males are more sensitive to the disruption of the synaptic formation in the developing fetus.

4. Early Onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) also contributes to early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia. Sadly, this condition no longer only affects older people. The rise in this neurological conditions correlates to the rise in EMF exposure. There is evidence that people who have high exposures to extremely low frequencies of EMF have higher incidences of Alzheimer’s disease.8 

As Dr. Pall explains, all of the neuro-degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, are impacted by excessive intracellular calcium in the brain. EMFs activate voltage-gated Ca2+ channels (VGCCs), which mediate calcium entry into cells in the brain. Increased VGCCs leads to excessive intracellular calcium and is consistent with the fact that the EMFs trigger these conditions.9 I know this sounds very complicated so I’ll give you an example to help explain.

One study showed that Alzheimer’s disease increases the production of amyloid beta-protein, and this is concerning because 5G exposure produces a similar effect in rats. All of the rats studied that were exposed appeared to have the equivalent of Alzheimer’s disease. 

As a result, problems with memory and behavior of the type seen in humans with Alzheimer’s occur. The rats had high levels of amyloid beta-proteins and oxidative stress in the brain. Again, this is what is found in Alzheimer’s disease.10

5. Neuropsychiatric Effects

How often have you heard some of the most typical complaints in our modern society? “I can’t sleep. I’m tired all the time. I’m depressed. I’m anxious. My memory just doesn’t seem to work.”  We often chalk these problems up to busyness and stress. While that may be the case for some people studies have linked all of these conditions to consistent EMF exposure.

EMF exposure has been shown to cause diverse neuropsychiatric effects including:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration or attention dysfunction
  • Memory changes
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Skin burning or tingling sensations

Many studies have been performed over the past 50 years on EMF exposure and all have shown these same effects.11 EMFs have also been shown to affect learning,12 as well as cause problems in human vision.13

As Dr. Pall explained in his lectures at the 5G summit, brain structure is also impacted by low intensity EMFs. These structural changes in brain function develop slowly over time. However, research has shown that if exposure stops, spontaneous recovery can occur, and the same is true of limiting exposure. It may take a couple of months, yet recovery can happen.

What You Can Do 

I know this may feel overwhelming at first, and I want you to know that there are many things you can do to protect yourself, and your family from the effects of WiFi, EMFs, and EMR. I will offer you very specific steps on these in my next article. For now, check out a few of the simple things that you can do immediately while still being able to use your cell phone and computer.

  • Remove your home’s smart meter: If that’s not possible, install an inexpensive shield, like this one.
  • Create a wired internet connection: You can do this for your computer with an ethernet cable, instead of a WiFi modem or install a WiFi shield on your wireless router such as this one.
  • Turn off your wireless router: It’s best to turn off your wireless router when not using it — especially at night while you sleep. You can do this manually or install a timer like I did.
  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode: Ideally, you can shut it off completely at night if you have a landline. If that’s not possible, turn up the volume and keep it away from your bedroom. 
  • Carry your cell phone in a bag: Stash your phone in your purse or briefcase, never in your pocket or in your shirt pocket or bra. 
  • Use speaker mode or wired headphones:  Distance is your friend. Try not to hold your cell phone to your ear.
  • Move your baby monitor: If your kids or grandkids aren’t old enough that you feel comfortable without a monitor, opt for a plug-in model and keep it across the room from beds or cribs. 
  • Clear devices from your bedroom: Remove the TV (especially the smart ones) and devices like wireless speakers, your phones from all the bedrooms.
  • Use power strips and timers: Plug devices into power strips with timers to make it easy to turn them off and on again only when needed.

Remember, distance is your friend when it comes to EMF. I’ll discuss all of these items as well as others in greater detail in my upcoming article, 8 Tips to Protect Yourself from WiFi, EMF, and EMR. As I mentioned in my first article on this subject, you can also write to your local, state, and federal elected officials about limiting 5G and the health problems that can result from it. I’ve often said you can take back control of your health and that is certainly true in this situation!


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