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Impossible Deadlines: Do they want to know — or not?

Common Scenario:

“The FCC has asked for comments about health effects — and the comments are due tomorrow.” 

Does the FCC want to hear what consumers think? If this all-too-common scenario is any indication then the answer would be, “Absolutely not”.

Of all the complaints we hear from people across the board, it’s that no one wants to listen to them. And they won’t — as long as they don’t have to.

But there are rules and regulations in place to ensure that they have to — so this is the clear starting point for beginning the march against the FCC’s ‘deaf ear’ when it comes to the rollout.

1. The FCC is making it difficult for people from all walks of life — but absolutely impossible for people with disabilities to get their voices heard.

The creation of impossible deadlines appears to be a clear effort to dissuade the public from interacting with the FCC at all. This cannot be allowed to happen.

When Dr. Sharon Goldberg laid things out for a governmental panel, they limited HER to five minutes. She used it to admonish them, publicly, stating that the science was clear, unquestionable and viable.

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Here are a few links:

From FCC: 
Released: May 15, 2020
ET Docket No. 19-226
Revised Comment Date: June 17, 2020

“It appears that the comment deadline is at the end of the day tomorrow.
I tried to call the FCC and of course no one is there to take the call!“

How can you avoid this scenario?


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