Pease Help Support the Nevada County PWG on Telecommunications

Pease Help Support the Nevada County PWG on Telecommunications

A committed group of people is essential to assert local authority – Federal courts support local control of telecommunications services by City Councils (see D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. 18-1129 and D.C. Court of Appeals Case No. 18-105).

Please volunteer and/or donate. Funds will be directed to our local organization.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The PWG represents the rural areas and cities of Nevada County CA. We need committed volunteers to:

  • Submit records requests to the City manager and planning department to verify, monitor and enforce accuracy and applicants’ compliance in permitting of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTF) and infrastructure.
  • Enforce random RF testing and procedures to ensure compliance with FCC standards and other applicable laws.
  • Require proper and adequate insurance from telecom companies (3rd party liability insurance with “pollution” clause) for all permit applications and Master Agreements/Franchise Agreements.
  • Respond to Public Notification – When a tower, small cells, DAS, or other WTFs are being requested in a new permit application, the public must be notified and able to comment.
  • Insist on Fire Prevention – Require underground equipment when possible, and limit co-locations on poles, towers, etc., to limit fire danger.
  • Represent the community in lawsuits and remedies – When a telecom company violates permit requirements and FCC regulations, and when equipment causes harm, the PWG must be able to respond to affected residents, file cease and desist and other actions to provide compensation and remedies for violations by the telecom industry.

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