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Status Report: FCC Declaratory Rulings

The FCC Declaratory Ruling vote was yesterday, June 9th, and
it was approved 3-2. An agenda of the meeting is linked below. The two
dissenting votes were from FCC Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and
Geoffrey Starks. The meeting was two hours long and here’s a video of
their meeting:


This newly passed FCC Declaratory Ruling applies to existing towers,
upgrading them to include 5G antennae and adding more cells, as long as
the basic tower isn’t “substantially” changed aesthetically. Anyone
living near an existing tower or WFT is going to be exposed to a great deal more radiation.

Also sent on June 2nd was a legal document representing 13 cities from all over the US and 6 Townships opposing the FCC Declaratory Ruling. While briefly acknowledged, these documents were ignored by Chairman Pai who cast the deciding vote.

Many in the “Safe Tech for All” group wrote our representatives urging them to support Eshoo’s letter and to call the FCC to ask for a vote delay.


Finally, and perhaps of greatest concern, was their discussion to
auction even higher bandwidths of 70, 80 and 90 Ghz in July! The first
to use this frequency will be ships and airlines. How will flight attendants and pilots survive thIS additional onslaught when they’re already suffering from the environmental radiation to which they’re already subjected? At a previous meeting (June 4th) they were discussing 6G and 7G as though safety considerations have already been addressed/ All these meetings are open access.



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