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Open Letter to the FCC

This is an Open Letter to the FCC about health effects of RF and their plans to extend exposure guidelines: 

Extending the FCC exposure guidelines to as high as 3THz is more than alarming! Even the existing range of up to 6 GHz is causing problems with many people, especially children! 

I am an educator and have noticed increased hyperactivity, lack of focus, and depressive episodes (including suicidal comments) in second graders!

This past year (before schools closed due to Covid) was the worst I have ever seen. New wifi emitters had been placed in the ceiling in every classroom the previous fall. My meter showed very high levels- 3000 uW/m2 and more.

Many teachers were getting headaches and migraines. 

I have been researching the effects of radio frequencies for several years and have read hundreds of studies. A close friend died several years ago from glioblastoma, another friend developed cancer on the side of her head where she held her phone, and my son developed serious precancerous inflammation behind his right eye near the  location of his phone’s antenna. 

The higher millimeter wave frequencies will be worse. A 2010 study sponsored in part by the US Air Force Research Laboratories titled “Protein Changes in Macrophages Induced by Plasma From Rats Exposed to 35 GHz Millimeter Waves.”  (the same frequencies Verizon is currently rolling out) found that 35 GHz millimeter wave exposure altered proteins associated with inflammation, oxidative stress, and energy metabolism. Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20683908/ 

Another study from 2008 titled “Gene Expression Changes in the Skin of Rats Induced by Prolonged 35 GHz Millimeter-Wave Exposure” states: “Microscopic findings observed the dermis of rats exposed to 35 GHz millimeter waves included aggregation of neutrophils in vessels, degeneration of stromal cells, and breakdown of collagen. 

Changes were detected in 56 genes at 6 h and 58 genes at 24 h in the millimeter-wave-exposed rats. Genes associated with regulation of transcription, protein folding, oxidative stress, immune response, and  tissue matrix turnover were affected at both times.” Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18302488/

I know you are aware of the ten year study by the National Toxicology Program sponsored by the FDA on the biological effects of 2G and 3G. 

This study showed clear evidence of biological harm including cancer. The millimeter frequencies will not be used in isolation but will be combined with the lower frequencies that are already proven to adversely affect biological systems. 

In summary, the millimeter wave standards you are considering are dangerous. Our future and the future of our children depend on you. I am not overstating this. 

Thank you for your careful and conscious consideration of this most  critical issue. 

Kind Regards,


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