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Open Letter to the FCC on 5G: from 400 Medical Professionals

Within less than a week, OVER 400 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS signed a letter penned by the team at 5G CRISIS.ORG, calling out the FCC’s failure to acknowledge science and protect the American public from exposure to wireless radiation.

We want to express our deep thanks to all that signed and to all that helped us circulate this critical message within the medical community. We know it was a quick turnaround, and we couldn’t have reached this incredible milestone without you. 

We’re also thrilled to report that over 1,700 people submitted individual comments to the FCC challenging its proposal to expand wireless technologies. Thanks to all that made their voices heard. 


View the Sign-On Letter HERE
View the Press Release HERE
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Take Action: We encourage you to send the letter and our press release to reporters in your area. The bigger the splash this news makes, the better! Congratulations, team, and thanks for your continued support of this urgent public health issue! Together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

-The 5G Crisis Team

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