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Corporate Giant Amgen in Battle Over Tower Power

AMGEN is working to increase tower power and getting pushback from residents.

Mark Pollock has unraveled critical information pertinent to Amgen Pharmaceutical, the biggest pharmaceutical company in Ventura County.

This company — which is listed on the NYSE — is upgrading their small cell facilities to emit 16 times more radiation, right next to their Camp Amgen daycare facililty and endangering over 3000 residents just 500ft away from the tower. It should be duly noted that Amgen produces predominantly cancer drugs and cell towers have been shown to be carcinogenic [cancer causing] environmental agents.

The attached letter reveals the huge fraud involved here — and is, by most accounts, reflective of what is happening in cities nationwide.


If you need assistance in gathering information from your city’s planning departments to determine the level of EMF in your communities, do contact 5GFree.Org for more information.

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