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China Rolls Out New AI Weaponry

Looking at China’s New AI Soldiers and Knowing 5G Enables ‘Self-driving’ Technology and “Back Doors’ are Everywhere: is anyone doing the math?

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When you study the world’s current events, it’s important to note what’s happoening where in order to ascertain whether or not the ‘dots’ connect.

We’ve all heard random accounts of ’Chi-Com’s’ [people in positions of power that are actually connected to Chinese Communists while living and working at the highest levels in the United States] and, if those tales are even remotely accurate, Americans would be foolish to ignore the threat that would represent.

The ‘Roll-Out’ of 5G in the U.S. is touted to speed Internet [not that many have complained about 3G and 4G being slow] and it’s going to revolutionize the ‘self-driving’ cars we’re all supposed to be pining for but, is this, the ‘end game’ or is something more at play?

In actuality, AI will end the trucking industry as it exists today because the new, self-driving 18-wheelers bring the cost of freight delivery in at even cheaper rates than freight trains at eighty-five cents per mile.

Americans are not ‘self-driving-car crazy‘ — at least not yet. Most of those wealthy enough to purchase the ‘ are concerned about the more ‘obscure’ issues AI self-driving vehicles represent.

Now add to this the widely touted concerns — repeatedly reiterated by politicians, privacy aficionados and tech gurus from every high ranking organization ‘in the know’ — who have warned about ‘back doors’ and ‘hacking’ tell us that this technology is highly susceptible to malicious hacking efforts as well as ‘built-in’ backdoors that allow complete takeover of whatever tool is in question.

Simply stated: Should the U.S. and China ever come to a point where they are not friendly, these decisions, in hindsight, would seem ‘silly’ at best and ‘nefarious’ at worst. After all, what country would allow an outside entity to build their weaponry — or their defense systems?


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