Bill Kaspers, Esq. v. Verizon

Attorney Bill Kaspers filed suit against Verizon last week in federal court with the Northern District of Georgia. The grounds for the suit are (1) unlawful trespass and property devaluation, (2) unlawful taking of property and of the joy and benefits of home ownership, (3) fraud (no notice), (4) section 1983 of acting under color of state law (Verizon subcontractor had a local sheriff accompany them), and (5) intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The suit asserts a claim of 20% for loss of value, and another 20% for pain and suffering, plus attorneys’ fees and costs because Verizon subcontractors brought along a sheriff. The suit uses the average cost of homes in the neighborhood, times 110 homes, and makes a claim for $14 Million in the aggregate … plus another $14 Million for pain and suffering. 

 A copy of the lawsuit is attached. Verizon knocked on Bill’s door to tell him they were digging up his yard to install a cell pole … they knocked on the wrong door. He also persuaded the city to issue a Stop Work Order to Verizon until the pandemic is over (and for that did not include the name of each City Commissioner as Defendants).

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